Friday, October 19, 2012

Salmon pie II / Lohipiirakka II


Best salmon pie I have ever had.

Cook the oven roasted veggies from last night on a skillet,
throw in some spinach.

Hard boiled eggs.

Shape puff pastry on the bottom and sides of your dish that
you have buttered.
Make a cup or so of the following sauce:
Water, egg, flour, parmesan and salt
mixed together.

Add roasted veggies, pour half of the sauce on top,
layer eggs on top.

Add oven cooked salmon on top. (Salmon had salt, pepper,
oil and dill on top when cooking.)

Pour on the rest of the sauce and cover with puff pastry that´s
a little wider than the dish. Bend sides over and under the
lower pastry, press tight.

Decorate, spread some eggwash on top, poke holes all around.

In the oven 200 C until golden brown.

Swim away with the best pie ever.


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let your husband forget the
pie on the counter overnight..... :´-(


  1. Hi Tuuli,
    What a wonderful pics of Salmon pie II / Lohipiirakka II you have here.
    Perhaps you're interested to submit your food photos on a food photography site that has tagline "Food Photography that will make you hungry" :)
    It's free to submit, free to join, and a lot of members can enjoy your creation!

  2. Thank You Hillary! I will look in to the site you mentioned :-)


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