Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plum Jam.

Clean them good! I boiled mine AND then put them in the
owen for 30min at 120C.

I still can´t belive the amount of plums this year and I usually
don´t really care for them, but this year.....yummy and even the
peel is so sweet!!!

Cut small.

Little vanilla.

Aaaah, the scent is wonderful!

Such a proud moment, my first ever home made jam!!!
It´s really good too!


  1. Onpa ihanaa hilloa! Kyllä kelpaa laittaa lettujen päälle talvella :-)

  2. Kyllä kelpaa, olen ihan mahdottoman tyytyväinen tulokseen ja esiäidit nyökyttelee myhäillen jossain :-)

  3. Sound delicious! I would like to make this. Thanks for sharing.
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