Monday, September 10, 2012

Harvest time.

We have so much plums and apples, that there is no
way we can consume all....

Birds and as it turns out our dog is taking care of some.
I had to take the dog to the doc last week with bad tummy
troubles.....well, don´t need to wonder what caused them anymore....
A diet of apples and plums.

Apples are GREAT this year!!!!!!!

Dinner last night was grilled plums, peaches and beef & chicken.

Side dish: butternut squash, mushrooms, cabbage, garlic
and.....suprise element....plums :-)

Oil and very lightly salt your plums and peaches.

Grill until slightly soft.


Boil broccoli a few minutes and drain, rinse with cold water.

Cook garlic and add broccoli, add salt.

Mix with some rice and herbs.

Oil, salt and pepper on beef and chicken. Chicken cooks great if
a little thinner.

Grill away.

Oooohhh, so tender. Remember to let rest under foil a few min.

Meat was almost gone before I had time to take a pic....

Have a great week!


  1. Meidän pieni luumupuu tuotti myös yllättävän sadon. Olen yrittänyt bongata hyvää luumupiiraan reseptiä, muutoin en saa kyllä tuhottua koko puullista pikkuluumuja!


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