Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tofu-turkey "cake".

I was so distracted by having to measure everything
that I forgot to take a pic of the main incredients...
This measuring business kills creativity!!! ;-D
Aaaanyhowww... I had 2 1/2 pounds ground turkey
breast and two packs of firm tofu 396g each.

6 garlic "nails"

100g of whole wheat bread crumbled.

Parsley and chives.

All together....

Add spices, salt, pepper, paprika powder, tabasco, mustard.....
what ever comes to mind. Just add a lot of it, for tofu soaks up
all! Gently mix.

Add in cake molds. ( I never see anyone do this, is it against
some unspoken rule? I think meatloafs of the world would greatly
benefit from being shaped a bit more pleasant..... just saying....)
In the owen 200C about 30-35min. Check for doneness before

Meanwhile cook pasta, add pesto.

Jup, perfect!

All done!

Turn on a serving plate, add thin slices of parmesan cheese.

And------ EAT already! :-D


  1. Heippa! Olen kuolannut jo pariin otteeseen sun blogia läpi. Kiva löytää täältä vähän toisenmaalaista twistiä mitä voi soveltaa omiin kokkauksiin. Ja kuvasi inspiroivat myös!


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