Saturday, May 5, 2012

Korvapuusti/ Cinnamon roll Finnish style.

NOTHING like coming home to this plate! I loved
it as a kid when I came home to my mom baking these,
did not matter what had happend during the day, when
the smell of butter, cinnamon and PULLA saved the day <3

5dl milk
50g yeast or 1 1/2 pack of dry yeast
2 eggs
2dl sugar
1Tbs cardamom
1 1/2 tsp salt
about 15-16dl flour
200g butter
Butter, cinnamon and sugar for filling.
Take all incredients out to warm few hours
before baking.

Mix yeast in warm milk, add spices and sugar.

Make sure your bowl is warm too. Yeast bubbling in the pic.
Start adding flour using wooden spatula.

Little more flour and it´s time to move the dough
bowl to mixer.

Jiiihaaaa! By hand you can really work the dough, but go easy
with mixer, or dough will get too tough. When dough starts
getting off sides, it´s done.

In the sink filled with warm water to rise....
about an 30 min to hour.

Cover with towel.

Pour dough on surface and squeeze out air, let
rest 10min under towel.

Work, it, work it!

Spread butter, sugar and cinnamon.


Cut and press middle in, put on a cookie sheet
covered with parchment paper. Let rise under towel
for about 15min. Spread eggwash on and sprinkle
with sugar.

In the owen 200C for about 10- 13min until nicely browned.

Oy, the scent!!!! So good!

I just love these, just LOVE these!

Happiness is pulla/ pastry.

"HEY, who´s messing with my picture material!!!" :-D

Have a good day!!!


  1. Voi, ihana tuoksu tulee tänne asti!!
    Olisipa niiiiin kiva olla siellä ja istahtaa kanssasi pullalle ja teekupilliselle.
    No, kun tulet seuraavan kerran Suomeen,
    kutsun sinut tänne meille korvapuustille!!

  2. Kiitos Doris ja pullan tuoksua ei juur voita kuin oman vauvan pään tuoksu! Kiitos kutsusta, olis kyllä ihana tavata!

  3. I love love korvapuusti!! One of the best finnish foods!

  4. Piparipulla, I agree 100% !!!

  5. Nam <3

    Guess what. I have never baked pulla in my entire life!!It's funny, since I've baked almost everything else :D I'm gonna have to try one day...

  6. Oy Timi, You haven´t lived until you have self baked korvapuusti :-D But seriously, it tastes so good when you do the work yourself!! Let us know how it was when you get to it. Oh and reserve a lot of time for it, like on a weekend day.


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