Thursday, November 15, 2012

Salmon soup. / Lohikeitto. II

For the broth:
- Bones and head of a salmon
- 1 liter / 34 oz. /1000g water :-D
- Teaspoon salt
- leek, washed and cut to small pieces. Use half.
- 10 peppers (spice)
Cook for about 30min, drain liquid through sieve.

- Broth
- 3large potaoes cut in cubes.
- 70g yesterdays cooked salmon. (great use for left overs)
- 120g leek
- 130g carrots cut in cubes.
- 130g peas
- 0,79g uncooked salmon cut in cubes.
- 1 1/2 cups cream
- dill

Cook the first 6 incredients until potatoe and carrot
are soft, add salmon, dill and last but not least the cream.
Keep in eye on the liquid, add more water if the soup looks too

Decorate with dill and if you are in need of comfort
food, add a dab of butter :-)  (why does the word butter
always make me smile.....)

Tuuli Dogs.

"Roasted vegetables, again!" You say. Yes, Im afraid so.
My family LOVES these. I have them just as they are
for lunch often and they are so great, since you can
make them taste just like you want, with you´re favourite
spices. So, part of the Tuuli dog meal was roasties, again...

"What are those?!" You say. Well, Tuuli dogs of course!!!
Just use this recipe from an earlier posting and instead of
balls, form the meat into a hot dog shape.

Whole wheat bun, salad, mustard and ketchup....
Yum, yum!!!


Roasted vegetable salad.

Hello :-)  So, I roasted squash, yams, carrots, mushrooms,
tiny potatoes and leeks in the owen 400F for about 20 min.
They were sprinkled with oil, salt, pepper and in the end I
added parmesan cheese and cooked for 5 min more.

Cover the plate with salad leaves, cucumber and cherry
tomatoes. Add the hot roasted vegetables on top and
drizzle on your favourite salad dressing and maybe some
good feta cheese. Super tasty and VERY good for ya!

If you don´t want to add salad dressing or feta, go big
on salt, pepper and other spices you love, before you roast.

Bon appetit!

It´s candle time, I love it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012