Thursday, November 15, 2012

Roasted vegetable salad.

Hello :-)  So, I roasted squash, yams, carrots, mushrooms,
tiny potatoes and leeks in the owen 400F for about 20 min.
They were sprinkled with oil, salt, pepper and in the end I
added parmesan cheese and cooked for 5 min more.

Cover the plate with salad leaves, cucumber and cherry
tomatoes. Add the hot roasted vegetables on top and
drizzle on your favourite salad dressing and maybe some
good feta cheese. Super tasty and VERY good for ya!

If you don´t want to add salad dressing or feta, go big
on salt, pepper and other spices you love, before you roast.

Bon appetit!

It´s candle time, I love it!

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