Friday, August 26, 2011


I found quark at PCC and Whole foods. Quark is a milkproduct
that we use a lot in Finland, it has a ton of protein, so athletes and
the avarage person use it to amp up the protein in their diet.
I will have it for breakfast and for snack. The following cup of
quark and fruit/ berries and sunflower seeds will keep me nicely
full untill lunchtime.

Originally German; very low-fat cheese made from skim milk; contains 80% water; a 100-g portion is a good source of protein and vitamin B12, a source of vitamin B2, with only a trace of fat, contains 40 mg of sodium and 90 mg of calcium and supplies 80 kcal (325  kJ).

Sweeten her up with truvia, tsp of honey and real vanilla.

Enjoy and be satisfied.


  1. Quark - rahka - my true love!! I eat it daily, and get SO much protein! Good idea to put real vanilla in, I've used vanilla sugar - do you know if you can get real vanilla in Finland? What about truvia, never heard of it..? I'm using aspartan... still alive though...

  2. I´m so bringing You a couple boxes of truvia next time! I got heart palpitations from aspartam!!!!!! I don´t know about real vanilla in maybe? Stockman?


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