Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vegetable soup. "I did it may way!"

Soup, some days one must have it.

Cut onion, as many gloves of garlic as desired.

Package of mushrooms, chop. Cook all three in skillet with oil.


Carrots, cabbage, potato, tomato... Start the soup by boiling these
until softish.

Take the seeds out of zucchini.

Add mushroom /onion & garlic mix. Add vegetable boullion,
salt, pepper and any favourite spice.

In the very end add the zucchini, cook few minutes
and take off the heat. Zucchini will keep cooking
and will turn out not mushy.

Sprinkle little parmesan cheese if you wish, I did wish :-)
Toast some good bread and eat already.

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