Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick cake.

I belive in  boxed cake mixes if you need to have a cake fast
and it has to be really good.

This Betty Crocker lemon cake was great! Moist and excellent
when mixed with some white chocolate in the flour! All you need
is water, eggs and oil.

 Be sure to mix the white chocolate in the flour, if using it, this
way the chips won´t sink in the bottom. In the owen it goes.

Done and ready to be filled.

While the cake cools a little, make the frosting. Butter, lemon juice,
grated lemon peel, vanilla.

Start adding powderd sugar until desired consistency is met.

There, stiff.

Strawberry jam and frosting.

Cover with frosting and pile on decorations, whole strawberries
look good and will stay fresh looking longer than cut up berries


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