Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Porch get´s a new look.

Our porch needed something new....it was looking old and worn
out.....kind of like me some days :-D Wish I could fix me as easy!

Yup, old and worn out!

Uhhuh, at this point I am sweating slightly, that color is
very, very, baby blue.... uhhuuhhh! But on we go. Can´t stop now.

We manage not to paint ourselves in to a corner, not as dumb as we look, eh?!!!

It is so very cute, color is perfect against the house, my color eye
did not let us down!

Now that is a porch to have a summer on!

My husband made me that table, I painted it. Custom made
for the porch :-)

Now just a little more sun, please!

Dog: "woman, curb your enthusiasm! You know I´m going to
mess this porch up with muddy paws, dog hair, pieces of wood
chewed up, I will barf grass on this rug and most likely jump on
the white table w. muddy paws and drop that vase, you know this right....right?!
Ok....just so were are on the same page."


  1. Lovely and spacious porch :) Perfect for some summer bbq!

  2. There´s a little piece of Finland in your lovely porch :)

  3. Thank You Timi and Campasimpukka, yes perfect for BBQ and funny you should say "it´s a liitle piece of Finland", that´s what my husband said too, he said the color reminds him of Finland :-)

  4. Ihana kuisti ja ajattelin juuri samoin, näyttää suomalaiselta ja niin kotoisalta :)

  5. Kiitos MíMa, se on niin söpö nyt, kun olisi vielä pikkaisen lämmin, niin menisin sinne pikku torkuille :-D


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