Friday, March 30, 2012



I love merinque. Marenki, as we say in Finland.

Vanilla 1tsp, cream of tartar 1/4tsp, salt 1/4tsp,
3large eggs and 3/4cup of sugar. Mix until....

Peaks form. Stuff in some kind of bag to make....

Twirly little things like this. In the owen 200F for two hours.
Take out and let cool.

Enjoy the crunch!

Tomatoes that have nothing else to do in this posting,
except look pretty.

Have a great weekend!

Tom & Gar


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Good for the teeth!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lot´s at once.


Mushrooms, onion and gabbage.

Lot´s of different veggies and beef boullion.

Shrooms done.

Soup boiling.

Bean thickener.

All mushed and smooth.

Drop some of the shroom stuff on top and little swirl
of cream.


Veggies for shredding.



Squeeze orange on top.

Pretty and good.

STILL need more veggies? Juice it is.

Apple, carrot and spinach.

Even the little Dude <3 likes this.

Have a Veg-delish day!

NewER sheriff in house.

Here it is and I´m in love. works like a dream.
It´s so worth it to get a real tool for the job!!!!


I had to try him right away. Put some whole wheat pasta boiling.
Drop some nuts, tofu, artichoke hearts and oil in the smallest bowl.

Grind (like a breeze) and you have your sauce for pasta.

Skoff down!

Luv  <3 to you all!

Fettuccine Alfredo (Lighter Version) on the Food Network

Fettuccine Alfredo (Lighter Version) on the Food Network


Lemon Curd Trifle with Fresh Berries on the Food Network

Lemon Curd Trifle with Fresh Berries on the Food Network

Must make this soon, yum!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Raw day and VegFest in Seattle.

Weeell, I had high hopes for my Raw friday and morning started

Mixed a nice RAW shake.

The other class is for afternoon snack. At this point
I´m thinking, "this raw food stuff is easy!" Smug, eh?!

Whhhaaaatt! Bread is not raw? ;-D This is now lunch time
and I have just realized bread is baked......(sharpest tool in the shed
I tell you!!!!)

So lunch turned out to be half raw. I made broccoli, onion,
raisin, pinenut seed, tomato and mayo salad.

It was very good, but I have realized now that raw eating is
not that easy! Satu
is chuckling reading this, aren´t you :-) You could say
"I told you so", now. For snack I had the rest of the shake, but
at dinner, rest of the family threatened
mutiny, if I made them eat raw anything....
Not that I had any kind of good plan
for raw dinner.... Raw eating takes a lot
of planning ahead of time and lot´s of
food prep. I seem to not even be close 
to there. And, like Satu said in her comment,
"tiukassa on kypsennetyn ruoan mieliteko!"
(We are so very used to warm cooked
Will keep practicing!!! Maybe some day I will
be able to be all raw all day... ;-D

We went to the Vegfest this sunday, place was packed to the
rafters! Line was REALLY long to get in and the males of the
family were looking at me with hope in their eyes "will she
for once be reasonable and turn away?" HAH, I have never been
reasonable and most likely never will, IN we went.

It was elbow to elbow situation there, people and free food
is a watchouthereIcome kind of madness. I got to taste some
amazing veggie foods and they gave out samples to take.
Nice, but if I got to decide, place would be a lot bigger next

Shredded meat and veggies.

Shredding carrots & lemon.

Red and white cabbage.

Pepper turkey and turkey bacon.

An easy and tasty way to get more veggies.

BIG disappointment! My sheriff, my black and decker shredder
decided to quit on me....I sure did not get very many uses from this
one. What is the lesson here (that I should have learned a long ago),
buy cheap, think you got a great deal.....NO!!! If there is some kitchen
appliance you use a ton, buy the good one, the one that will last you
at least 10 years! Off to the REAL kitchen store I go now, to get a
good one.....not happy :-(

Mrrrrrr...... :-(

Veggie scraps sometimes look so....poetic...ish?

In the pot goes a lot of veggies. Boil and....

Mash into a fab mash.

Boiling eggs for the week.

Let´s eat.


(having a meat free monday, will post all about it tonight.)