Wednesday, August 31, 2011


How to cut a watermelon Tuuli style.

Cut the ends off, melon will stand nice and sturdy :-)

Keep cutting around, untill just red flesh left.

Cut in half, then cut in half...

slice in thin slices and happily slurp away!

Kids are away at friends house, this is what the hubby
 and I are having for dinner.
Bon appetit dear!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who knew!

I bought some big mushrooms so I could start testing
how I like them best...well,  got amazing results first try!!

These four were in the owen broiling for 5min each side and
then I cut them in four pieces.

Dropped them in egg and then whole wheat flour/
almond flour mixture.

Ready to hop on to the skillet with some butter...

Whole wheat pasta is boiling.

Pinenut seeds are roasting in the -after mushrooms-
heat of the owen.

In to the blender: pinenut seeds, basil, avocado, olive oil,
lemon juice, pepper, salt and parmesan cheese.

Mix the pesto with the pasta, eh` voila!

Add some veggies.

MMMMMMmmmmmmm...... Boys thought the mushrooms
were some kind of meat! They had a great texture and
tasted great, pasta was fab, but then pasta always tastes good....
pesto did not hurt!

Now one must go and relax on the couch like this:

Till we meet again :-)

First whole week of no meat!

Not a sliver of meat for a whole 7 days....Wow!!!


I have a need for meat today.....
All night I dreamed of a large chicken rolling around in a grill.
To try to make the craving go away, I started the day with
some smoked kinda worked....
still see the rolling chick! Hope this too shall pass.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday brunch.

Ingridients....recipe after pictures.

Veggie bacon (, chives
and feta cheese.

In the muffin cups and sons soldier is guarding them from hungry


Table is set.

Close up...


Soft and cheesy inside....

Four people and just two left after, time doupledough!
These are really good!



Tuna & cottage cheese

Quick dinner last night before going to Josh Groban´s
concert. Dinner GOOD and Josh AMAZING!

2 cans of tuna, half a container cottage cheese, dried dill and
salt, pepper to taste. I used this salt,          
that now has a bad reputation because of natriumglutamate E621...
I have been using this salt my whole life.
First my mom used it in cooking and now me. We are all alive still....
And You have not lived if You have not had, a hard boiled egg with
some aromisuola! Yummy!
Stir all the incredients together, slap it between some good bread,
add some cucumber, salad....enjoy!

So very, very good with some leftover soup!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Soup dinner.

Leeks, carrot, vegetable boullion, cream and...


In to the pot and boil until soft when trying with a fork.

Hand mixer is great, go through the soup until it´s
all smooth.

A little cream.

Salt & pepper.

 Smooth and pretty. All we need is sandwiches....

Still using tofu & broccoli patties.

Dinner is served!


I found quark at PCC and Whole foods. Quark is a milkproduct
that we use a lot in Finland, it has a ton of protein, so athletes and
the avarage person use it to amp up the protein in their diet.
I will have it for breakfast and for snack. The following cup of
quark and fruit/ berries and sunflower seeds will keep me nicely
full untill lunchtime.

Originally German; very low-fat cheese made from skim milk; contains 80% water; a 100-g portion is a good source of protein and vitamin B12, a source of vitamin B2, with only a trace of fat, contains 40 mg of sodium and 90 mg of calcium and supplies 80 kcal (325  kJ).

Sweeten her up with truvia, tsp of honey and real vanilla.

Enjoy and be satisfied.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tomatoes at their prime!

Breakfast today. Yum!

Veggie patties.

Yesterday I wanted to make veggie meatballs,
my dough turned out the be way too runny, so patties it was!!!

Tofu, eggs, almond flour, broccoli, onion, veggie boullion.

Onions and a little oil.

 Dough is too runny, so to try to make it more stiff, added
some whole wheat breadcrums. 

Did not work!

patties it is then...

Sweet potatoe/ cauliflower/ mushroom/ onion mash, topped
with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Patties are ready, even a nine year old ate them happily :-)

So very good and no need for meat!